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Шаблон на php fusion тему android и план счетов мсфо в казахстане 2017

The template offers several stunning presets. Fusion is an advanced, CSS menu system, which offers a wide range of per menu options, such as: inline. PF7.png. Альбом: Темы PHP-Fusion 7. Интересные на наш взгляд темы ( шаблоны) для 7 версии PHP-Fusion. В данной категории не будет стандартных. Mar 21, 2013 By default PHP-Fusion will let you modify the footer from the admin panel. This however displays at the very bottom of your PHP-Fusion site.

Changed File(s): /css/joomla.css /features/fusionmenu.php /features/splicemenu. php /html/mod_roknavmenu/themes/gantry-fusion/theme.php /error.php / index-android.php /index-iphone.php /template-options.xml /templateDetails.xml. Release Notes - Ximenia Joomla Template - Version 1.9 - 2017-02-21 /css/ template.css /features/color.php /html/mod_roknavmenu/themes/gantry-fusion/ layout.php /html/modules.php /index-android.php /index-iphone.php / templateDetails.xml /html/mod_roknavmenu/themes/gantry-splitmenu/theme. php. Официальный сайт русской поддержки CMS PHP-Fusion. PHP-Fusion - это Темы, Просмотров, Ответов, Последние сообщения. Cоздать ссылку из. Omni Responsive Theme · Omni Responsive Theme · Download · Multicolor Theme · Multicolor Theme · Download Tattoo Theme · Tattoo Theme · Download. The theme is ideal for any corporate site that prefers a more moderate, but still The template supports intricate overlays for content images, which include a CSS 960px fixed version, with a separate mobile layout for iPhone and Android; and a Fusion-Menu and Split-Menu; Custom Typography; Custom Logo Option.

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