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Scgi модуль - поляков юрий замыслил я побег аудиокнига торрент

CGI programs allow you to enhance the functionality of the server in a very straight-forward and simple way. Note that to see stderr output from CGI processes. The scgi library also supports running as normal Web CGI without any change to the source code of the app, such as during development of an application. This chapter describes configuring Apache to use SCGI to communicate with a Woof! application server on the back end using the mod_scgi module.

The SCGI protocol is a replacement for the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) protocol. It is a standard for applications to interface with HTTP servers. It is similar. Option, description. scgi.debug, a value between 0 and 65535 to set the debug- level in the SCGI module. scgi.server, tell the module where to send SCGI. Announcing NGINX Plus R12 Now with configuration sharing, nginScript, enhanced caching, deeper monitoring and instrumentation, and more. Explore. The Simple Common Gateway Interface (SCGI) is a protocol for applications to interface with HTTP servers, as an alternative to the CGI protocol. It is similar.

Makes outgoing connections to an SCGI server originate from the specified local IP address with an optional port (1.11.2). Parameter value can contain variables. Dec 8, 2008 J can be used for SCGI programming. Here are some considerations and examples. Note: the examples assume Windows and Linux, but. ProxyPass /scgi-bin/ scgi://localhost:4000/. The balanced gateway needs mod_proxy_balancer and at least one load balancer algorithm module SCGI module for Nginx. Contribute to nginx_scgi development by creating an account on GitHub.

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