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Jul 27, 2016 Note that this only works when the Content - Load Module plugin is enabled. If this plugin is disabled, the text {loadposition myposition} shows. The loadposition tag depends on the Joomla! plugin Content - Load Module ( technically called loadmodule). joomla_plugin_loadmodule. Browse to the Joomla. This plugin loads any module into an article. And any other content which runs the content plugins. Joomla comes with a method to load a module into an article: the loadModule content plugin. This plugin can be used with Joomla core articles, but also most.

Make sure that the "Content-Load Module" plug-in is enabled. Check the box next to the module's name and click on the "Enable" button in the toolbar or simply. The {loadmodule xxx} command is an alternative that works by finding the first module type that matches what you have placed instead of xxx and injects Mar 14, 2015 Most Joomlers know that the Joomla! com_content let us load a module in an article. But, how to do? And what about TZ Portfolio component. Mar 9, 2017 loadposition allows you to publish all the modules in a particular position. loadmodule allows you to publish just one particular module. Where 63 is the id of the module you want to load. You can select a default style for the modules chrome in the plugin manager, and overrule this in the editor. Jun 17, 2013 to add a module? Within content loads Module positions, Syntax: {loadposition user1} or Modules by name, Syntax: {loadmodule mod_login.

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